Top Row
                 Nitzan (1980) holding Eva (2008), married to son Hadar (1975); son Guy (1967), married to Reut (1972) holding Alona (2008); Shachaf (1976) holding Tamar (2008), married to son Micah (1969): daughter Nava (1965).

Second Row:
                        Barry (1939) with Libi (2004); Roy (2002), Or (2000), Ben (2002);  Ann (1942) with Harel (2005).

Third Row
                    Shai (2003), Noa (2004).

The family groupings are:
     Nava with Ben and Noa.
     Guy and Reut with Or, Roy, Libi and Alona.
     Micah and Shachaf with Shai, Harel and Tamar.
     Hadar and Nitzan with Eva.
Who does what?
     Nava is a venture capitalist, the CEO of Yissum, the technology transfer company of the Hebrew University until December 2008 and recently divorced.
     Guy is a private banker with his own company - Excaliber Capital Reut is a social worker and lawyer, currently taking a year off to raise Alona and the other three and renovate a new house.
     Micah is a squadron commander in the South. Shachaf is an industrial engineer also taking time off to settle her family on the airforce base and raise Tamar.
     Hadar is a businessman with international connections. Nitzan is a winemaker who will start working when Eva is a little bigger.
     Barry continues to re-invent himself in the business world every couple of years, mainly in the field of energy, serves as an eminence grise in the Army Spokesman's office and sits on various cultural boards.
     Ann has a PH D in history, founded and chairs Sia'h vaSig: The Israel Debating Society, instructs and practices taichi, earned a private pilot's licence and two-star diving certificate ten years ago and spends many happy hours with the grandchildren.
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