Esakowitz Family Photos by Leonard Esakowitz April, 2009

These were taken in our Johannesburg home, probably in the late 1970's.

 Brian Esakowitz, Zipporah Lange, my parents and myself.

Pearl Bernitz with my parents, Jack and Jessie Esakowitz

Jack and Jessie Esakowitz wedding, Port Elizabeth 5 Nov. 1953

Jack Esakowitz 70th birthday with Jessie, who made the cake!
Johannesburg, 1988.

  Taken at my brother Brian's wedding in 1990

Front row: my parents with me.
Second row: Valerie, Razelle and Brian Esakowitz with their son Adam.
Johannesburg about 1989.

Granny Goody, a.k.a. Mrs. Lily Goodman, Grandmother to Mark Kirson

Jack Esakowitz with Mercia Malkin

Jessie Esakowitz with Mercia Malkin

Parents at Brian and Razelle's wedding 1986

Whole family at Brian and and Razelle's wedding 1986

Do you remember Jo and Patsy Macmillan.
He was my GP and we were at school with their children.
Jo and Patsy live in Edinburgh now and I met them again last summer.




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